Commercial Properties in Kharghar

Sarayu Real Estate Consultants can help you sell or rent your commercial properties in Kharghar. Sarayu Real Estate ensures you will get the best sale or rental rates and a hassle-free deal for your commercial property. Sarayu Real Estate Consultancy comprises a team of competent and highly experienced Real Estate agent in Kharghar


We are among the leading real estate consultancy in Kharghar for the last 20+years. We deal in sales, purchase, and renting of a wide range of properties. Based on your necessities and market price, we focus on earning you more profit from the commercial property for sale.  


You need to understand the laws governing commercial property transactions and local property values and what commercial property buyers or renters are looking for from sellers or owners. 


If you have a commercial property for rent or sale, there are numerous factors to consider. We have prepared a cumulative list for your reference.


1. Preparing Your Commercial Property For Sale Or Rent

It is essential to prepare your commercial property for sale or rent. You should remove all the clutter to make your property presentable enough to cater to a large audience. So that potential customers may see themselves operating a business from it. Especially if a business is looking for renting property for business purposes then they need something ready-made wherein not many infrastructural changes would be required.


2. Preparing Buyer Or Renter Information

It's important to know what your customers are looking for before you can market your property. 

  • Location
  • Suitability
  • Property prices or Rent value


These are likely to be their top priorities. It's a brilliant idea to put together a buyer or rental kit for potential customers. So they have everything they need to make a decision while buying property or taking it on rent.


Please speak with our commercial property agent for more details about what to provide to potential clients.


3. Finding a Right Commercial Estate Agent

The wise thing for an owner who will sell or rent a commercial property is to hire a broker. It is highly advised that you choose a real estate agent who deals in commercial properties. Our agents are experts in the rental of commercial properties as well as in selling properties in Kharghar. 


Our real estate agents in Kharghar have excellent knowledge of the real estate market trend. They can help the owner get the best deal. As selling or renting a property can be a time-consuming process, having professional handling can make the process easy and transparent and they can provide tips to sell the property easily.


4. Your Commercial Property Value

When you know how much your property is worth, you'll know what kind of sales or rental figure to expect. This number will help you stick to your minimum offer sum during negotiations.

The sales or rental price of your commercial properties in Kharghar is worth, is subject to various factors, including:

  • Sale value or rental price in the surrounding locations
  • Standard Market price
  • Availability of similar properties
  • Condition of your property


5. Marketing Your Commercial Property

You can advertise the commercial property with an agent of your choice. But it is essential to ensure that your agent understands what you are looking to achieve. Before attempting to market your property, our commercial agent will usually provide you with a comprehensive valuation report.


It can help provide your agent with the initial relevant information to assist in marketing your property. Our agents will generally add to this with detailed descriptions and photographs, using their in-depth knowledge and previous sales history.


6. Accepting An Offer

You can go through our commercial agent for any offers you get for your commercial property. Any requests must be reported to you as required by law.


Our agent will formally advise you of any offers. But the following points can help you figure out which buyer or renter would be the best option if you receive more than one.

  1. Taking into account the customer’s status and financial condition.
  2. If they are paying cash or using a mortgage for buying the property.
  3. For buying, if they already have a mortgage or if they have a mortgage offer.


If you accept an offer, a draft Sale or Rental Agreement will be prepared for you and the buyer or tenant to review and approve. However, we need to keep in mind that renting a property comes with its own challenges and there are 5 Important pointers a person must consider before renting their property.


7. Legal Diligence

Once both the seller and the buyer or renter finalize the deal and the payment method, the Property deed can close faster. Ensure that you have all of the requisite paperwork on hand. Keep track of past sales and receipts for property taxes. Please also perform a detailed background check on the tenant or buyer and their contact information.


 Now, the buyer can set a date with the registrar's office to get the property registered in their name. 


8. Exchange Of Contracts And Completion

Following the contracts' exchange, your buyer will pay a fee to the solicitor, and a completion date will be set. Both legal aspects of the sale are concluded on the day of closing, and the mortgage lender will release the remaining funds to the solicitor. For the rental purpose, the tenant will pay you the deposit amount and sign a rental agreement.

If you want to rent or sell your commercial properties in Kharghar or Navi Mumbai, get in touch with us at +919820610870 or e-mail us

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, a due diligence period is when a buyer is permitted to enter and remain on the property to study, investigate, and inspect all aspects of the property. This time is also known as the "feasibility period," the "study period," or the "investigative period."

Backing out of a commercial property deal can be too much expensive. The buyer may sue the owner for breaching the contract if they back out of a sales agreement. A judge may order the owner to sign a deed and continue with the deal.

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