What is carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area

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What is carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area



Finding out the carpet area of a property can be tricky and it is not always clear what is included in this definition. Here we explore the different definitions for carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area to hopefully help you better understand this.




Carpet Area - The carpet area is the total area inside your house walls. It includes all possible spaces inside the house including hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, etc., but not the exterior areas. It also includes all areas with floor coverings.


Built-Up Area - Built-up area is the actual space within the perimeters of a plot of land on which your house stands. 


Super Built-up Area - Super built-up area is an urban planning concept for measuring the density of urban development. This is used for zoning and taxation purposes in most cities around the world.


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What is a carpet area?


Inside the house, the carpet area is the area that can be used to spread a carpet. It is the apartment's net useable space. The thickness of the inside wall is included, however, the balcony or patio is not. The carpet area is the distance between the inner walls in technical terms. Also, it will only include a staircase if it is located inside the apartment; never the less, the balcony, lift, lobby, and other areas will not be included in the carpet area.


Carpet area is a term used to describe how much carpeting you have installed in a room. Typical carpet area should be about 12-14 square feet per square meter for most rooms.


There are a few different methods for determining carpet area. To begin, you should be aware that they carpet area accounts for 70% of the total built-up space. For example, if your built-up space is 1,200 square feet, your carpet area should be 70% of 1,200 square feet or 840 square feet in this case. So you have a carpet area of 840 square feet.


What is a built-up area?


In layman's terms, the built-up area is the carpeted area plus the walled area. Balconies, terraces (with or without roofs), mezzanine floors, and other detachable livable portions such as servant rooms, etc. are included in the built-up area. You should also be aware that shared walls with other units are considered in at 50%, whereas other walls are computed completely.


The built-up area is the total of the carpet area and all the walls, doors, windows, cupboards, stairs, etc. It is often used in residential settings for insurance purposes.


Built-up area = carpeted area + walled areas, logically. In most cases, it is 10-15% larger than the carpet area. With the following example, you can see what I mean.


Assume that regions covered by dry balconies and terraces account for 10% of the total built-up area, while the useable space is only 70% of the total built-up area. So, if the total built-up area is 1,000 square feet, 30% of it, or 300 square feet, is unusable, leaving 700 square feet to be utilized.


What is a super-built-up area?


The proportionate part of the entry lobby, hallways, staircases, elevator shafts, lift lobby, generator rooms, clubhouse, security room, and any other common areas in the complex are included in the super built-up area. However, the super built-up area does not include a subterranean sump, water tanks, walkways, swimming pools, open sports facilities, weather sheds, inaccessible flower beds, or lofts.


Super built-up area is the land zoned and developed for residential use which have a floor area ratio higher than 80%.


Developers use 1.25 as a multiplying factor to measure the super built-up area since it includes common amenities such as elevators, verandas, and clubhouses. This results in a 25% increase in the total saleable area. Loading is the term for this percentage. When calculating saleable areas, few developers use loading figures. For example, if the carpet area is 600 sq ft and the builder add 30% loading, you will be charged for 780 sq ft even though you are only utilizing 600 sq ft.





The conclusion is that the "Carpet Area" is the total area of a building before furnishings and fittings are installed, which includes the basement. Super built-up Area is the total area of a building including all floors and areas within it, but not including outside areas. Built-up Area refers to the floor area of all upper stories and other enclosed spaces, including upper-level apartments or condominiums.

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